BetterPushback is a free plugin which allows you to push or pull your aircraft around any airport. You can set custom pushback routes, bring aircraft to remote stands and more.

Created By: skiselkov


Scenery Animation Manager

Scenery Animation Manager is a brand new plugin that allows users to add/create animated jetways, hangars, marshallers and more.

Created By : Marten@Stairport


3jFPS Plugin

The 3jFPS plugin is a must have plugin that allows you to improve the performance of your sim! There are many sliders to set your targeted FPS, change level of detail radius, autogen radius and more.

Created By: jörn-jören jörensön


BlueBell Model Matching

Looking for model matching in X-Plane? BlueBell modeling matching is incredible. There are thousands of liveries and models included, simply follow the included instructions and run xSquawkBox and you are ready to go.

Created By: Oktalist