Privacy Policy

Last update: August 12th 2019

In this policy the use of “us”, “we” or “our” refers to iniBuilds Ltd. and

iniBuilds Ltd. is a United Kingdom based company. (Company Number: 11858953)

Login Data can be accessed without having to submit any personal data. When a user opens, their browser data is transmitted by their choice of internet browser and is held in server log files which include the following information:

  • I.S.P. Request Permission

  • Country of Origin

  • Time of Access

  • Pages Accessed

All data is recorded anonymously and can and will not be matched with any individual/business.  The listed data is used solely to keep back-end servers running at optimal performance. This data is NOT shared with any affiliates, partners or third party companies that may reference themselves to iniBuilds or

iniBuilds Store Account

By creating an account on, the user agrees to provide their email and a password in order to view their account. When the customer logs into their account they can view past orders, add/manage saved addresses and redownload products. Account data is held securely within the servers of and never shared. The sole purpose of this data is to improve user shopping experience and store previous orders. Withdrawal of user accounts can be requested at anytime, including removal of all user information. If any purchases have been finalized before the deletion of an account, please contact us to receive all purchase invoices.


By accessing, utilizing our freeware resources, and by purchasing items from the iniBuilds Store, the user gives full consent to the use of our cookies. uses the following cookies to improve the user experience throughout our website and store.

  • Analytical Cookies: Helps determine domain and server performance dependent on location, which in turn helps determine our customer service and website features.

  • State of Session: Information is collected how visitors use and interact with the site pages. These include the most visited pages, time spent on individual pages, and where errors occur within the website.

  • Preferences: When users are signed into their personalized accounts, cookies are used to display the correct information pertaining to the account. They further enable the website to provide customers with addition features, insights, products, information, and addition content.

  • Security: Used to enable security system features: member authentication, fraudulent activity, and member data protection.

Disabling cookies on will still allow you to use the website, but we can not guarantee complete functionality and access to all features of the website.

Use of YouTube’s Embedded Videos uses YouTube’s (901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA) embedded videos feature. This feature allows iniBuilds to share YouTube videos in an iFrame template. The “Advanced Privacy Mode” option is enabled for these videos. For further information on the data collected by YouTube please click here.