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My SODE jetways don’t show up.

There could be a multitude of things causing this issue, but there are some simple fixes you can try.

  1. Load into the sim, then Click “Restart Coutal and rebuild airport cache” under the Coutal Settings drop down.

  2. Make sure you disabled/deleted the necessary files that are noted in the readme.

  3. Double check you followed all the directions, and didn’t forget any files.

  4. Make sure you dragged the exclude files and complied them in the Control Panel.

My FSX crashes when I load into an airport with SODE.

We compile all our AFCAD’s and BGLs with the P3D v4 SDK. This can cause issues with users who are on FSX, we have tried to make our files FSX compatible, but we ran into constant errors. At this point in time, our profiles are only compatible with P3D. Our apologies.

My TomatoShade profile doesn’t work correctly.

Make sure you are installing the right profile onto the right model (ex. installing the PMDG 737-800 with no winglets onto the 737-800W, they are two different models).

Do your dynamic lighting files work with your GSX profiles?

Yes! All of our dynamic lighting files are made from our GSX AFCADs, so you are more than welcome to install both, just make sure that the dynamic lighting file overrides the file included with our GSX profiles.