iniBuilds vs iniSimulations

Recently there has been confusion surrounding the relationship between iniBuilds and iniSimulation that we would like to address. To properly explain the situation we have to start from the beginning. iniBuilds was started during the summer of 2018 for one sole purpose, to provide a universal hub for flight simulation enthusiasts. Since then, we have grown into a position where we are able to take our business ventures to the next step (thanks to you, the users). Because of this, we have recently partnered with Dennis Meyer and his team who are subsequently the developers behind the recently announced A380 for X-Plane 11. At the time, Dennis and his team were developing the A380 as a side project under no company title. Following the partnership, Dennis and his team decided to join the iniBuilds development team. Together, we are bringing our product - the ‘iniSimulations A380’ . iniBulds representing our flight-sim tools and iniSimulations representing our flight-sim add-ons.