Your potential future simulation training collaborator.

As a company with over 30 years experience in the industry, from piloting multiple aircraft types and creating virtual reality training solutions:

We know that the visual fidelity of most training devices is lacking.

How we can help

In the present climate, training can not be completed quickly enough and costs are skyrocketing. By 2036 the airline industry is expected to double in passenger carrying capacity, meaning your training burden will be significant! The provision of competency training for aircrew and ground staff is paramount as the world returns to normal. The aviation industry is turning to simulators as a cost effective way to maintain proficiency.

Who We Are

iniBuilds is a cutting edge simulation software company with extensive expertise in geospatial imagery, 3D modelling and texturing.

Our world class products are now available for the aviation industry and businesses as complete training solutions tailored to your needs.

We can provide custom built airport scenery and aircraft interiors in a variety of simulation platforms to minute detail, up to certification level.

Coupled with the right Virtual Reality and hardware solution you could walk through the cabin of your fleet or take a tour of the new airfield you are about to operate to all from the comfort of your office or classroom.

The Benefits

Virtual reality training can be significantly cheaper than using traditional simulator devices.

Immersive Virtual Reality training is proven to enhance learning. We can build anything in the virtual world.

Possible Uses

Update and enhance your special categorization airfield training with high-fidelity visual models. For example, the JFK Canarsie approach.

Enhance flight deck, cabin safety, and equipment training with haptic touch simulation devices from a classroom instead of expensive fixed base devices.

Explore new cabin layouts and opportunities with customers in a virtual environment. Provide detailed external models of your fleet for ground operations training.


Here at iniBuilds we recognise the importance of creating a suitable training environment and the effect negative training can have on performance. That is why our combination of qualified pilots and 3D/Geospatial design experts make every effort to create a realistic virtual representation. Given the right data we can build literally all aspects of your operation into a 3D space.

Let's work together.

Our service offering is wide, and we can assist in many areas of your organisation.
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